An earnings-based approach from the definitive experts.

The reputation, research and impact of the Zacks group of companies are all predicated on one simple concept:

When analysts change their earnings estimates, large institutional investors tend to react slowly, and firms like ours have the opportunity to invest before the anticipated stock price movement.

For over 25 years, we have been investing based on the belief that each individual company’s stock price is driven by earnings expectations, and that tracking analysts’ revisions can create the potential for strong returns. As the Zacks name was becoming synonymous with this methodology, Ben Zacks and Mitch Zacks personally designed a suite of funds that would enable investors across the country to seek to profit from it.

Key Advantages

  1. Actively Managed

    The portfolio management team reviews each Zacks fund every day. Led by Mitch Zacks, the firm's primary expert on quantitative investing, they use earnings-based indicators to actively manage the portfolios without being constricted by buy-and-hold conventions.

  2. Unbiased

    As an independent firm, we have a steadfast commitment to building and managing portfolios with objectivity and transparency. Our process is driven by data, research and expertise.

  3. Research-Based

    Zacks Investment Research, our parent company, is one of the largest independent research providers in the country. The data, rankings and models they produce directly inform our portfolio managers and the funds they maintain.

  4. Methodical

    Zacks funds are built and managed on a clear methodology and an unwavering process. This includes systematically avoiding concept stocks, employing strict risk controls for broad diversification, and making stock selections based on fundamental metrics.

Who Is Zacks Investment Management?

Zacks Investment Management is an independent, boutique firm established in 1992. As a wholly owned subsidiary of one of the largest and most influential independent research firms in the U.S., Zacks Investment Research, we focus on data-driven investing customized to the needs of our clients.

By channeling the insights of our parent firm into a disciplined investment process, we have produced expertly managed strategies that have consistently risen to the top of their peer groups, sophisticated private wealth services, and a suite of unique funds.

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